Down to the last detail

With sea views, a privileged location and all the space these villas offer but is not enough. They must also be an exclusive and comfortable home that lasts several lifes. You will see that what is hidden under the skin of these houses lives up to what is seen with the naked eye.

Let's get technical!

Climate system

Relying on various structural characteristics, these chalets have been able to reduce the cost of maintaining the house at a optimal temperature constantly.


Ytong foam concrete is the material of the future. It is obtained from silica sand and its porous structure at the microscopic level is responsible for its characteristics:

  • Optimal thermal insulation.
  • Humidity regulation.
  • Acoustic isolation.
  • Fire protection.
  • Earthquake resistant.
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Uponor is a leader in underfloor heating and plumbing, and has been the provider of these systems in all three villas.

Underfloor air conditioning systems improve the quality of the environment and air, by not accumulating dust in radiators and pipes.

The heat provided by Uponor radiant air conditioning systems acts directly on the body, without the need to previously heat the air in the room, so that a higher degree of comfort is achieved but with an ambient temperature approximately 2 ° C lower compared to other systems. In this way, the effect of cold head and warm feet is so beneficial for health.

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The windows of a house can be your Achilles heel, since if you do not take special care they can become the place where heat is lost in winter and heat enters in summer.

To avoid any problem, Cortizo windows have been installed, model '4500 lifting sliding RPT'.

  • Transmittance Uw from 1,5 (W / m²K)
  • Sound insulation Rw = 42 dB
  • Air permeability (UNE-EN 12207: 2000) CLASS 4
  • Water tightness (UNE-EN 12208: 2000) CLASS 8A
  • Wind resistance (UNE-EN 12210: 2000) CLASS C4
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Thinking of you

And much more to discover ...

All this is the most important thing, but we can assure you that these homes keep a good number of surprises and details to facilitate the life of whoever occupies them.

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